Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Grandma was Cleaning her Finger Nails, She Removed Skin from the roots, Help? She's In Pain?

She was cleaning her finger nails, when she removed some skin from the roots (from under the nail), about a month ago, and it really hurts her, and there doesn't seem as a medicine that can help her out of the pain, the place where she removed the skin is now black, and the finger nail, kinda got into the skin.. Help?

BTW. She's 78 Years.My Grandma was Cleaning her Finger Nails, She Removed Skin from the roots, Help? She's In Pain?
B/c of her age and the way you describe the skin as black, you need to take her to the doctor right away.

Her circulation in her fingers is not like that of a 30 year olds..its diminished.

Please take her to the doctor before the infections spreads.. this is dangerous.

P.s. give her some Motrin if it does not disrupt any of her other meds and call her regular doctorMy Grandma was Cleaning her Finger Nails, She Removed Skin from the roots, Help? She's In Pain?
After a MONTH! Take her to see a doctor.

If no doctor is available... Make a mild solution of warm water and old Fashioned Lysol ... about a tablespoon to a cup. Soak the finger in the solution.
Maybe she should go to the doctor. The black part is probably dried blood. It may be infected (since it happened a month ago), and might be harboring bacteria. Get it checked out by a doc.
go to a doctor and see if they can pull up the nail and then give some pain medication but it is most likely that the nail will fall off and regrow that wat happened to friend =0 b better
What has the doctor said to put on it? Neosporin?? Keep it clean as possible for sure...the part about it turning black doens't sound very nice at all. I'd contact her Dr. or a dermatologist to ask what to do.
Take her to the DR.!!! Could be an infection or an ingrown nail which could both turn out very bad even deadly (not likely but could)
Take her to the doctor. The black skin sounds like it's gone necrotic, and she should be seen by a doctor.
its even difficult for us here in Y!A to solve ur problem. I suggest u to consult any doctor becoz her skin may possibly be infected by bacteria..
maybe she should go see a doctor about it. I'm sure they can give her some medicine to help it.

What causes ridges in finger nails?

i've only noticed them reciently, but have no idea how long they've been there.

i've had depression, and am on citlopram, can this have an effect?What causes ridges in finger nails?
maybe this might help鈥?/a>What causes ridges in finger nails?
Sometimes it is linked with some conditions like tuberous scelorosis. but im not saying you have this .
Do you have psoriasis? This can cause ridges and pitting in the nails

Best wishes
The ridges are caused by a lack of certain minerals in the diet. Sometimes age is the cause, and perhaps in your case medication. There are products you can buy to help. Try Healthspan - Hair and Nails.
Could be the pills but doubtful. Sometimes it's down to age. I've got 'em on my nails but then I'm no spring chicken!

POLL; What color are you're finger nails right now?

Mine are red, I get them done yesterday. :)POLL; What color are you're finger nails right now?
red and green. christmas colors :)POLL; What color are you're finger nails right now?
mine are navy. (;

%26amp; im gettting not so french french tips tomorow

pearly white as the base, black tip, thin sparkly line seperating the black and white.

natural, bitten short. i can't stand nail polish (my fingers can't BREATHE) and i have a nervous habit. my nails never get so long that you can feel them like if i poke you of something. :]
chipped black and red hahaha i had black nails, but i had to remove the nail polish cause at my work, we're not allowed to have painted nails
i got mine done a little a while ago. They are solar nails which are just fake tips colored and I colored then lime green and sparkly on the tips. :)
Pink,blue,orange,red%26amp;purple on the right hand.

The same colours in reverse on the left.

At Cmas I just can't commit to one colour.x
I have french manicure acrylics on but instead of white tips i have red tips.
Mine are navy blue.

But I'm going to paint them red and white tonight :]

(candycane colours)
5 red ones and 5 green ones. merry christmas!! :-)
Mine are...natural? I dunno, they aren't colored!
Fuchsia-ish; I don't know haha bright purple.
same! red! lol christmas colour. but i'm probably gonna paint them green and red. xx
mine are burgundy

i got them done yesterday, too :)
haha mine are red and i just did them yesterday too

mine ar red and green! but they were black before tht
mine are black =)
Brown :)
no polish.
I don't wear nail polish.
BLACK.. with little shades of purple

i think it's a great combination :)
clear base coat
Neon Blue.

i love it:)

How many finger nails?

Due to a birth defect, a boy is born with 14 toes, 11 fingers, and 3 thumbs. How many fingernails does the boy have?






28How many finger nails?
I would say 11..How many finger nails?
does he have 11 fingers in each hand or 11 fingers altogether.In the former case the answer is 22 and 11 in the latter.
10, they cut off the extra fingers and toes when he is born

unless if u count to toes then


but zero if the defect caused him not to grow nails on his fingerz
14 but if u count da toes to it 28....
11 :)
Just 14
youre way out in left field

Why would a man paint his finger nails?

i was in a restaraunt this morning and seen a man with blue finger nails .Why would a man paint his finger nails?
because he has psychological issuesWhy would a man paint his finger nails?
Without consideration of the subculture (hair, makeup, mode of dress) or vocation (BDSM rope top), we can't draw conclusions about the mental health of a random individual any more than we can draw the same from hair color alone.

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I knew a straight guy (a bit metro) that painted his nails black during football season in support of the Raiders.
I dont know? how about you tell me why lol.

If they are gay then it is fine^_^
if he was either gay or goth (black fingernails)
Maybe his gf is trying to become a Estethician and she needs practice..?? Idk maybe he's gay.. Maybe it was part of a costume he wore to a party last night..
Maybe he feels nice using it or he might be gay, a goth or is metrosexual. But not all guys who paint their fingers nails are gay.
To look pretty...
not all guys who paint their fingers nails are gay. i have an industrial goth friend who paints his fingers silver, green, and blue ( fingernails mind you not toes) and it's just a fashion statement. I have a preppy friend who let the girl he liked paint his toes bright red and he walked around for week like that and he wore sandals. Men do it for different reasons. Boys are weird.
To get your attention. It worked!
Maybe he thinks it looks nice?
because he is gay
if he was gay he would

How to apply fake finger and toe nails?

i bought fake finger and toe nails for my graduation. how should i apply them and make them last for a long time?How to apply fake finger and toe nails?
rough up your nail a little bit with a nail file, this will help the glue adhere to your natural nail better. make sure that all of your natural nails are cut short. before you even put any glue on your nails make sure the fake ones fit right. you can use a nail file to fix that, i've never had luck at it, but that's what i'm told you should do. i would start on your toes first. then move on to your fingers. then i would do my pinkies and ring fingers before i did any other ones.

hope this helps.How to apply fake finger and toe nails?
Well if they're stick on, be careful. If they have glue, just put them on with a fair amount on glue, and hope for the best.

you should put some of the liquid squeeze glue on the nail first and then just a little on the real toenail and nail and press down for 15 seconds do this for all and make sure it isnt messy keep it clean of the glue
  • eye look
  • cream blush
  • Why is it that nailpolish on my finger nails doesn't last a day but on my toe nails they are fine?

    I always have color on my toe nails. The paint rarely chips. When I paint my fingernails, the paint peels or chips off so easily


    it irriates meWhy is it that nailpolish on my finger nails doesn't last a day but on my toe nails they are fine?
    Presumably your fingernails are more exposed to the elements (e.g. bumps, scratches, use in general). My toenail polish stays on for a month easily, and my fingernail polish typically doesn't last that long. Below are some tips for longer wear:

    Make sure your polish is not old. Do not thin older polish--throw it away.

    Use a base coat (suggest Merle Norman)

    Use two coats of colored polish, if desired.

    Use a top coat (suggest Poshe)Why is it that nailpolish on my finger nails doesn't last a day but on my toe nails they are fine?
    HOWDY!!! Lakisha 3,

    I am a male so I don't use nail polish but, maybe this will help. Do you wash you hands often, work with you hands a lot, and may be typing on the PC. I just noticed that my finger nails touch the keys a lot. I don't know if I am right or not but You might think about those things and maybe it will help you. GOOD LUCK!!!

    STAY SAFE!!!

    Use ur fingers more then ur toes
    Because you do alot of things wiht ur hands, but you dont do anything with ur feet but walk.
    because you use your hands all the time but your toenails have little exposure to things that would chip them
    I know, me, too.

    It's just one of those unanswerable questions in life. I guess it would have to be because your hands are exposed to a lot more than your feet -- writing, gesturing, weather, typing, etc. But it's the same in the summer when you've got your flip-flops on... the pedi still lasts longer. I guess there are some mysteries the universe just won't give us the answers to.
    It's because you are using your hands constantly throughout the day, and essentially washing them several times a day. Your toes however, usually sit in your shoes and don't do a heck of a lot regarding movement and use, and you only wash them maybe once or twice a day.
    because toes are more protected than the finger nails
    you are constantly using your hands, try using a base coat and a clear top coat it not only adds shine but helps to protect the color.
    because all day your nails are exposed to everything..but on your toes they are usually covered by socks, shoes, etc